Friday, September 14, 2012

Can't Go Wrong Paint Colors

Ok so maybe you’ve heard me talk all this jazz about how painting is the easiest, quickest, and most effective way to change up your space, but maybe you find yourself stuck at a standstill because you have no frickin clue what color to paint your walls. Well ponder no further my friend; today I’m going to share with you some of the colors I suggest for this fall season. Some of them I’ve used in past projects and some of them you might see trend spotting this fall on Pinterest. You might even consider this a FREE designer paint consultation…Yee Haw!

Eggplant, Mulberry, & Jam

(Behr-Simple Silhouette 790B-5, Sherwin Williams- Plum Brown SW6272, Sherwin Williams- Cordovan SW6027) 

Muddy Waters, Chocolates & Earth

(Behr-Carriage Door 770D-5, Martha Stewart Living-Molasses MSL245, Sherwin Williams- Black Fox SW7020)  

Gloomy Skies, Stoney & Stormy Grays 




(Sherwin Williams- Cyberspace SW7076, Sherwin Williams- Unusual Gray SW7059, Martha Stewart Living-Sharkey Gray MSL240)

Sage, Grassy Fields & Pine Scents

 (Martha Stewart Living-Oolong Tea MSL093, Behr-Crocodile 380F-7, Sherwin Williams- Saguaro SW6419)

Creamy, Milky, Smooth

 (Sherwin Williams- Modest White SW6084, Martha Stewart Living-Eiderdown MSL074, Sherwin Williams- Biscuit SW6112)

***Please Note: These colors may appear differently depending on the computer screen they are viewed on. It is highly encouraged to view all paint specs from a chip at your local paint store.

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